Clever Ways to Recycle Old Halloween Costumes

Do you have a box in the attic filled with remnants of Halloween past? With the rate that babies and small children grow, it’s unlikely that they’ll be able to wear the same costume year after year. Rather than tossing those costumes, here are a few ways to reuse them.

baby pumpkin

Dress up closet
One of the easiest ways to reuse old costumes, particularly if you have several children, is to start building a dress up wardrobe. Everyone loves playing dress up! Although babies may outgrow their Austin Powers fancy dress or pumpkin costumes quickly, the accessories at the very least can often be reused or worn by friends on playdates. Colourful fabrics and hats can inspire creativity and give your child’s playroom a little boost.

Costume swap
Another idea is to make sure your old costumes get a new lease on life by inviting fellow mums over for a costume swap after the holiday season has ended. You may already do this with your child’s clothes, so give it a go with costumes. Many of these can be worn throughout the year at future theme parties, World Book Day, or school events, so it doesn’t have to be Halloween-centred.

Next year’s decorations
Do you love a bit of Pinterest? Do you want to unleash your inner Martha Stewart? Think about repurposing old funny costumes from Funidelia into next year’s Halloween decorations. Dress up scarecrows in costumes for spooky front porch décor, or reuse old masks as wall hangings.

Save for theme parties
While it seems like kid’s parties used to involve not much more than a slice of cake and a game of pass the parcel, today they can be somewhat elaborate affairs. There’s a good chance that your child will be invited to some sort of costume or theme party in the near future, so you could hold on to your costumes for future events. Of course, it’s likely that they’ll have outgrown the costume by then, but if you have younger children or are planning to expand your family then old costumes can be used for hand me downs.

Craft pieces
We all know how hard it is to entertain a toddler during a bout of chicken pox or a run of rainy days! Why not save your costumes in order to repurpose them for craft projects? Many costumes are covered in sequins, sashes of colourful fabrics, and foam pieces that are ideal for cutting up and using in various crafts. Or if you prefer, you could use it for your own adult-oriented home décor and crafts, whether it’s using fabric to make new throw pillows or spooky embellishments to make a pair of earrings.

Sell or Donate
When all else fails, old costumes can be passed on to children in need by donating them to charity shops. Contact your local church or women’s shelter to see if they’re in need of costumes for their communities. Another option is to sell your old costumes at consignment shops or via sites like eBay and Gumtree. If you decide to sell, however, it’s best to wait until next autumn when the demand will be higher!


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