Some lovely Christmas Luxury from Asda

Christmas Luxury from Asda

I tend to think I will do my basic shopping at the supermarket but that for more classy items I need to look elsewhere.

I was all set this morning to go and buy a few new Christmas decorations from out local market. However I was stopped in my tracks by a box of treats through the door form Asda. These decorations are classy and unusual and I am really taken with hem. Particularly the little silver stag.

I also have a few last minute gifts to buy but looking at these I am thinking one trip to my local Asda might just do the trick. I am loving the little sewing box, and sewing is such a good idea if you are a budgeting family. next time instead of throwing things away fix them and save yourself some money.


And no need to go to a deli… luxury brandy butter mince pies, gorgeous quality champagne (just £10 reduced from £24!)  and sweet star shaped waffles can all be found at asdathey have everything you could ever need for the Christmas season.




Disclaimer:  Asda sent me the items to review but my opinions as ever are my own

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