Christmas Crafting with Bostik

You just cannot beat Christmas crafting for getting you in the holiday mood.

Each month I am sent a box of craft and some Bostik sticky supplies to review and to see what we come up with. Normally I plan it out and make a few crafts with the kids. I love doing this  and they always enjoy it too.

This month I wanted them to take total charge.

Christmas crafting

I set out  a few trays with the Bostik white glu and blu-tack plus a variety of craft supplies.

Oh how my daughter’s eyes lit up when she saw them.

In just half a hour she  presented me with these two rather wonderful creations which she could take total ownership for…



How lovely and how lovely that this was her work /play ( I did miss being involved though so we will just have to do some more …together!)

The bostik products were excellent and stuck easily with no mess…exactly what you would want.





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  1. November 15, 2015 / 12:36 am

    I love crafting with the kids at Christmas and we always save what we make and bring it out every year!

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