Children’s Accessories for the Garden

The garden is the perfect area for your child to take in the fresh air and stay active outdoors. It also means you can supervise them easier if necessary. However, the limited space may require you to invest in certain garden accessories that can indulge the most energetic and lively of children.

Below is a list of ideas that can help you decide which type of equipment can benefit your child and make time with the whole family more enjoyable.

Playhouse – One of the most traditional outdoor activities is the playhouse, or Wendy house as it is sometimes known. They are small replicas of real houses, built with a doorway and window, where children can play inside. Playhouses can come in different styles, from colourful plastic models suitable for 1-3 year olds, up to larger wooden models that older children can reside in. Some of the more developed versions can incorporate additional rooms and accessories into the design such as steps, balconies and slides.

Climbing Frame – Climbing frames are designed for the more active of children and can help muscle building for growing children. Often known as monkey bars, they encourage kids to pursue their more instinctive and dynamic side. They are constructed from different materials – most commonly PVC coated plastics, metals and rope – and also come in various shapes. We’ve all played Rapunzel at some point and sat on top waiting for somebody to some and rescue us! Safety is a big concern for parents for climbing frames so consider the size and material of the climbing frame as well as where it is positioned.

Bouncy Castle – Commonly hired for children’s birthday parties or social events, bouncy castles create a continual source of fun for all the family. Needing to be constantly inflated from a suitable power source, the bouncy castle provides a perfect springy surface to jump up and down on. Their popularity has seen them manufactured in a number of different sizes, shapes and colour schemes.

Trampoline – Similar to bouncy castles, trampolines encourage children to stay active in the garden but require more skill to operate and enjoy. They provide a higher spring where children can learn different jumping techniques and improve upon their balance and core stability. Trampolines can pose injury risks so are suitable for older users; in this sense think carefully about the surface it is placed on and its proximity to surrounding hazards. If you speak to a quality retailer such as All Trampolines they’ll also advise which is the best one to have for your garden and the ages of your children.


Sports Equipment – Perhaps the most cost-reductive way to persuade your kids into the garden is to buy simple sports equipment. This can not only help keep them fit during the summer months but also encourage them to pursue a certain sport in the future. If there is the appropriate space think of buying such items as football goals, cricket sets, ping-pong tables, Frisbees and tennis racquets, etc. One day you could have a future David Beckham or Jessica Ennis on your hands! Remember that supervision is needed at all times for children and appropriate safety measures should be in place when coming to buy garden accessories.

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  1. Robert Andrews
    April 11, 2014 / 12:34 pm

    My daughter just turned one and I have been wondering what to get for her as she grows up seeing as the apartments where we stay our neighbors do not have kids her age. I think I now have enough ideas after reading through this blogpost, gladly!

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