Champneys Springs Spa – a little slice of paradise

When it comes to  Mother’s Day Gifts a lot of my friends ask for spa days or beauty treatments, hair do’s massages or facials. Whilst money has been tight and the children have been young a little bunch of flowers has always been good enough for me. When I  was offered the oppotuniyy to go and review a Champneys relax day by I thought it would be a treat to see how the other half lived.

My relax day at Leicstershire’s Champneys Springs began well. The spa is beautiful, set in the middle of the counrtry side with gorgeous outdoor water features and lovely buildings.

From the moment you step inside it is tranquil; gentle music plays and a lovely warmth envelops you.  I was looked after by a reptionist called Maggie who could not have been nicer. She took great care of me and showed me around, booked me in for lunch and made me feel welcoome.  It always really matters to me that staff are welcoming and it really does make all the difference.

If I had been more aware of how comperehensive the exercise classes available to me would be I would definately have bought my work out clothes. This wasn’t all that clear from the adverts and it would have been useful to know. Basically there are a vriety of free classes running constantly at Champneys …something for everyone. Should I have paid extra and  so wished I could also have had tennis or swimming lesson, beauty treatments, colour thearpy,  mediatuon or yoga classes, bike rides and so on. How wonderful. You just need to book these pre or on arrival.

Available within the relax day package were steam rooms, saunas, the jacuzzi and the magnificent swiming pool. These were clean, space was pletniful and  the experience was blissful. After an hour I felt like I had been on a weeks holiday. I lay on the lounger reading my book as the sun streamed in the glass windows and was reflected off the swimmimg pool. I felt more ar peace than I  had done in a long time. It was a wonderful feeling.

I cannot say enough how LOVELY my lunch was, soup, stir friend individually made tortillas, huge amounds of varied grieodu sals, yougurts and fresh friyu. Delicious. I ate a huge amount and then just relaxed some more. It wasn’t too busy and it was delight to see so mnay chilled out looking ladies some even asleep on the sofas!

The gym was really well equipped and acgain spacious and inviting. (not that I moved away from the pool to try it).

I would go again in a heartbeat, It did me the world of good.  To get full value I would advise people take their work out kit and join in with a few free classes too – go for the whole day too. It’s great.

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