Cat in the Hat Card Game Review – I Can do That (just £3.99)

Cat in the Hat Card Game Review –   I can do that!

We love the Cat in the Hat in our house so were very excited to be sent a Cat in the Hat Card game review opportunity.

This activity-based card game is from Paul Lamond toys..


Cat in the Hat Card Game Review

It’s such a hoot! and even really young children can fully take part.

The object of the game is to get a complete set of red, yellow and blue cards by turning three over at a time form the laid out cards. If you do you have to act out the instructions on each card and join them together to create a little challenge. For example, you may have to hop, to the fridge with plastic fish under your shoulder…or some such malarky!


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There are hundreds of hilarious possibilities, and every game is  fun e.g with the fish under your chin you have to crawl to a window! We laughed so much playing this I think it will be a firm favourite.

At just £3.99 I would say this was a great Christmas buy as it’ll be fun to play over the holidays and beyond and you can take it with you visiting. A real icebreaker.



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