Buy event tickets safetly from fans at StubHub

StubHub is  an eBay company, which has been successfully buying and selling great seats to matches, gigs and concerts in the USA for fans for over 10 years. It is a safe and useful  ticket marketplace. Now they are here in the UK.


I have always been totally wary about buying tickets from fans or off eBay as I am nervous they won’t turn up and everyone will be really disappointed or the tickets will be fake and we will have wasted our money and so  on (I’m such a trusting soul me!) Stub Hub get this anxiety and here is what they have to say about it


We know that the experience of an incredible gig or match is priceless,   and that’s why a ‘money back’ guarantee isn’t good enough when it   comes to tickets. Our FanProtect™ Guarantee has been ensuring fans in the states get in to the gigs and matches they want to see for over  10 years now. We know that you want to see the event you bought tickets  for, and we’ll do everything in our power to make sure that happens.


Becuase fans are selling their tickets you may find you get them cheaper than if you bought them direct from the event organisers. Not always of course,  it would depend how popular the event was, but certainly sometimes. You can set a price alert for what you are prepared to pay. No  fan wants to get stuck with tickets they can’t use. It may be at the last minute but you may well be able to get the tickets you want at a price you can afford. So if you fancy seeing Derren Brown or are after some Mark Ronson tickets  this is the site for you.
How brilliant is that?    So do check out StubHub if you after buying event tickets! It’s great.


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