Bubble Bum

Cheeky rascals sent me a BubbleBum to try. Sounded intriguing!

Cheeky Rascals  are the UK distributor of the ingenious BubbleBum inflatable car booster seat which was invented by an Irish mum – Grainne Kelly who had to travel a lot to see family and got frustrated about carrying bulky booster seats. The BubbleBum is an inflatable booster seat safety approved for groups 2 and 3 (age 4 +) and is great for

  • taking on holidays,
  • car sharing,
  • playdates,
  • rental cars,
  • relatives  and generally
  • just to have as a spare car seat in the car for when you need to pick up an extra child.


It is deflatable and folds flat to put in your bag (though your bag would need to be substantial ) or just to store. It’s also helps if you are trying to fit 3 kids across the backseat of a car.  

It has passed all the relevant safety tests and crash tests both inflated and completely deflated so it is safe. The key point about booster seats is not actually the boost (that just makes the child more comfortable) it is where the seatbelt goes across their lap, the seat belt guides on the BubbleBum ensure that the seatbelt sits over the child’s lap and not their stomach which helps to avoid nasty internal injuries in the event of a crash. 

If you’d like to know more have a look at the BubbleBum site.

RRP: £29.99

My kids found this comforatble and I found it useful. Just popped it in my boot. Great stuff.

I think for holidays this is fab you could use it at restraunts too. For an everyday spare  to keep about me I don’t know if I would  carry it around. I would keep it in the car though. What do you think? 



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