Brother Max 5 Bath Toys – encouraging independent washing!

When Brother Max offered to send me some bath toys I was expecting the same old thing..squirters, animals, pouring cups,,,,but no!  This looked a bit funky. This was all a bit different.

The Brother Max range was created by designer and dad Jonathon Gold who sought to design a range which would make everyday tasks simpler and to free up time for parents to be with their kids. ( I like him already.)   Brother Max bath toys aim to teach baby a fun way to bathe and wash. There is a little hair brush, a showering funnel, sponge stamp, twirly ring  and swirling flannel. Great stuff and very unusual too. 

The products have heat sensitive spots to ensure that water temperature is just right (they go yellow if it’s too hot) and the flannels and sponges come off for washing.

These toys have been designed and developed with cognitive therapists to stimulate interaction; to encourage little ones to learn how to wash either intuitively or with gentle guidance from an older child or adult and are suitable for children up to 4 years of age.

My daughter is 3 and ready to start washing herself so these were perfect for her. she liked them a lot, they were different, useful and most importantly great fun! Anything that lets her do it herself is a big hit with her at the moment.

Great products!

The 5 pc bath set costs £16.99. Stockists include Amazon, mothercare, kiddicare and sainsbury’s. Lots more innovative products are avauiable in the Brother Max range. Do take a look,,,they are fab!


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