British vapers spend 36 minutes, on average, researching which brands to use, according to survey.

Ever since vaping products became available to consumers, more and more brands have come onto the market. These brands offer vaping products that offer different functions, come with different price tags and other features. For those who are just starting out when it comes to vaping, finding that there are so many brands of vaping products may be overwhelming. However, knowing the kind of products you are looking for and most importantly, keeping your budget in mind, will help make the search for vaping products much easier. Knowing a few people who are already vaping can also be very helpful as they can give you tips on which brands to avoid and what to look for when choosing the right brand. a survey of 500 vapers to find out how much time they spent on researching brands when they first started vaping. According to the findings, on average, new vapers spend36 minutes researching which brands to use. Thanks to the internet, those who want to start vaping have a wealth of information at their disposal to help them decide which is the best brand for them to make sure their desired needs are met. The great thing about online stores is that you can also find reviews, so you know what other people who vape think about the brands that are on the market ,and what their experience with these brands has been like. This will save those starting vaping to avoid experimenting with brands that are not a good fit, but finding the right product first time round.

Interesting, it appears pre-purchase research on vaping products is needed. Less than half of those surveyed admit they know how vaping works. A quick summary: The four components consist of the part where the e-liquid is placed which can be called a pod, reservoir, or cartridge. The next component is the atomizer which heats the e-liquid, followed by the mouthpiece and the source of power – which is usually a battery. Different strengths of nicotine are delivered during vaping which is found in the e-liquid. The nicotine levels one gets depends how often they vape and the strength of e-liquid they used.

British vapers

It also appears that people are generally clueless about how much vaping devices cost. The survey found that the average respondent thought a vaping device costs £32. In fact, a number of brands sell vaping devices are not only high in quality, but also cost less making them super affordable. The price of some of these products starts at just £5! The conclusion is – if more smokers can be made aware of the low cost of vaping, more will quit and switch, not only allowing them to live healthier lives, but save a lot of money in the process.

Many people are influenced by a host of factors, which makes sense considering the number of influential aspects around – there are even people who have jobs purely to influence people! When asked what factors influence them when it comes to buying vaping products, more than half (52%) of people said they’re influenced by their friends. Another 10% said they’re most influenced by advertising, while a third (33%) said they are influenced by the help of online reviews. Five percent of vapers said celebrities influence them in terms of what products they purchase.

A further 63% of people said after switching to vaping and saving money since doing so, they usually put the extra money in the bankfor a rainy day or emergency. Another 13% of people who switched to vaping over cigarettes said they spent the extra money on clothes– presumably to ensure their office wardrobe is set for their return to the workplace as compared to working from home over lockdown. And over 1 in 10 (11%) respondents who switched from smoking to vaping said they spend their extra cash socialising with friends. After monthsof being in lockdown and restricted from socialising, spending these savings on doing things to bond with friends is a great way to reallocate this budget!A further 1 in 10 (11%) said they bought new electronics with the money they’ve saved after switch from smoking to vaping. And 3% of people who switched from smoking to vaping said they used the extra money they saved from doing so to buy new beauty products.



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