Bookadoo – My son the superhero! (50% discount)

My little lad is 5 ,  he loves to read and he’s massively into superheroes at the moment.


Giving him a book with him as the hero on every page with his name used throughout and brilliant glossy photos  of himslef in and out of costume was GREAT! his little face just lit up…he could hardly believe it.

The child in a Bookadoo book takes on the leading tole whether that SiuperKid Pop Star Princess or Potty hero!  It’s  agreat momento of childhood and a keepsake to show their own kids. Each is of course completely unique.

To order

It’s ever so simple you just need to upload a good portrait photo of the child visa the website and  the design team will seamlessly insert it into the atory of your choice. you can the books in hardback and paperback at £24.99 and £17.99. The paperback version is lovely strong glossy quality.

Discount for baby budgeting blog readers:

To order your own Bookadoo with and amazing 5o% discount please use discount code:


at the checkout.


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