Best hug ever from a Squishable.

My kids have a lot of cuddly toys so when I was asked if I wanted a Squishable to review I was a little hesitant. After all they are 7 and 10 now would they really want another cuddly? I decided to chance that my 7 year old may like one of these rather huge huggable cuddlies. I was wrong!

pink kitty

She didn’t just like it she completely adores it and has been hugging it constantly says it arrived. Its 15″ of big soft fat squishiness and I have to say I am rather taken with it myself. We have pink kitty but there are many variations of Squishables. Here are just a few…

Squishable Hedgehog (15")

Squishable Penguin

Squishable Fox

Rainbow Unicorn (15")

You can also get Mini 7″ and Micro 3″  versions…. aren’t they cute? The regular size in £34.99  which may sound a fair bit for a cuddly but this really is a bit of a special cuddly. Properly huggable.


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  1. December 17, 2014 / 12:54 pm

    Oh wow these do look very cuddly. Your 7 year old looks very happy with her Squishable kitty 🙂
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