Best Bath Toys for Kids

A guest post contributed by bathrooms4all – suppliers of contemporary and traditional bathrooms.

Bath time isn’t always a popular time for kids; children seem to love getting filthy and in turn, kicking up a fuss when it comes to bathing. To make it a more fun experience for both kids and adults, it’s a popular decision to invest in some bath toys to keep them happy whilst taking a dip. You don’t necessarily have to spend a fortune on a enough toys to fill a toy shop either, a few bits and bobs dotted here and there are the perfect way to create an engaging and fun environment for you and your little one.

Go Fishing

Although actual fish may not be such a good idea, explore the deep depths of the bath with a school of toy fish. Mix and match varieties and colours for more excitement, making a stressful bath time a thing of the past. Add a few clown fish and octopuses to your school for a more exotic setting for your toddler, as well as providing some much needed friends for the famous rubber duck.

bath toy, starry duck

Set Sail

Where better than the bathroom to make your kids feel at home in the water? Throw in a few boats and submarines, available from most toy shops and larger supermarkets to add some at-sea fun to bathrooms. Bring the bandit to bath time with a pirate ship – crocodile’s an option extra or set sail on a bath adventure with boats available with a range of features for optimum fun and learning.

Educational Toys

To give your toddler a more engaging soak, there are a variety of educational toys to consider. Don’t worry; they aren’t too complex – simple alphabet and numbers that can be placed around the bathing area, ideal for developing reading and spelling skills at an early age.

Add some foam fun to your bathroom with shapes, numbers and lettering for a much more exciting bathing experience.

There is a mass amount of bath toys available from toy shops and supermarkets. Don’t forget to find a place to store them when they’re not in use for when you need a relaxing bath too, whether this is hidden away in your bathroom cabinets or maybe tidied into a neat basket, keep your toys in good condition and well looked after for years of bathroom fun.





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