Are these the 3 top toys for Christmas 2012

Top toys for Christmas 2012

Last week the lovely people at UK Mums TV invited me to their Christmas in July toy event where toy sellers show off their new toys and vie to see who has the best!

I had such a fabulous time!  We had to give the pick of the toys a score and UK mums collated the results and have pronounced winners in each category. You can find their report on the UK Mums TV site.

I didn’t agree with many of the overall winners but I did love the Aquarelle kit that won the best creative toy. It is a watercolour kit with raised edges along the lines to be painted so kids have clear guides. This means they can do a fab picture without paints smudging and smearing into each other.

Aquarelle is by Ravensburger

Far and away my favourite tous at the event were these though:

Not because I am a Star Wars fan (not at all, actually!) but because they are HUGE, inflatable remote control robots and they are AWESOME! Really kid friendly controls and they come with a pump. They deflate just down to some small wheels, the bodies are interchangeable and they are fast, whirl about , don’t harm your floors and just brilliant, brilliant fun.  These are sold by Bladeztoyz and they are called Pump and Play toys . Bladeztoyz also had some fab remote contol helicopters that squirted water at people. I think is too new to even be on their website yet but oh they are great.

I also really liked the Kurio by Inspiration Works . Its a kid friendly tablet which is also suitable for adults to use.  It has a strong protective cover so its robust and hardy. It has a timer for their usage and  its very easy to specify what sites they can/cannot visit. Really good piece of kit, it will retail for about £150 and is to be released very soon and will be available from the usual suspects (Argos, Toys r us, Amazon etc.)


I believe these 3 toys will be the BIG HITS of 2012!
So  when you whip out your  creditcards this Christmas which of these toys do you think you might be buying?

I will tease you with some more fab toys soon . Thanks to UK Mums TV for such a fun day out !




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  1. suzanne
    August 22, 2012 / 6:53 pm

    I think the kurio tablet will do well, kids love gadgets these days lol

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