Are men better savers than women ?

Are men better savers than women

“Men are better savers than women”?

Well, that’s what some people say!

I am always wary of generalisations. I know there are exceptions to every rule. Because of this I rarely give concrete opinions when it comes to anything regarding genders.

As a money blogger though I do find that statements like ‘men are better savers than women’ completely intriguing and I do have an opinion.

Are men better savers than women

Are men better savers than women

From a stereotypical and possibly statistical view I would have to agree, I do think that men are probably better savers than women.

I would base this on the fact that on the whole I don’t think men are marketed to as much as women and perhaps in this way their shopping habits are lessened? Women also usually earn a lot less than men over their life span, often have lower wages and have time out in their child rearing years, all of which possibly leads to less money to save.

Research suggests that women are more likely to go to voucher code sites to get discounts because they know what they want, and that men actually go in search of how to “earn” the items that they want rather than to get discounts.


What do men do to save?

For example men tend to go in search of sites like Valued Opinions where they can cash out as much as £90 to £120 in gift vouchers for sites like Amazon, Sainsburys, M&S, Boots and more – enabling them to get the latest consoles, games, and tech etc, within a 6 month period depending on how many surveys they take and the surveys available to them.

Interesting – right?

I did a little Google search to check my facts but, oh my goodness, Google is full of so many opinions you honestly could argue that both men and women are the better savers.

One report from Pensionbee looked at some findings from Halifax who researched their customers saving habits along gender lines.


Are men more impulsive spenders?

The report even mentioned that men’s testosterone levels may be responsible for their impulsive spending – that did make me giggle. Mind you I do see that impulsivity in my life. My OH will all of a sudden buy a new car or a new guitar (oh we have so many guitars!) whereas I think long and hard about any purchase over £50 that’s isn’t food.

Studies also show that women are more likely to take a steady, long-term approach to finances.

What is your opinion on this?


Have you heard of Valued Opinions?

Opinions are funny things aren’t they? They are not always based on facts (facts are hard to ascertain sometimes and unclear) but they are often based on our personal experiences.

Valued Opinions is the UK’s leading survey website. It is free to join and offers members who sign up rewards from big brands like Argos, Sainsbury’s, and M&S (naming only a few) in exchange for taking online surveys for market research.

Last year they gave away over 800,000 gift vouchers.

This can be a great way to earn a little extra that can really help stretch your budget. Valued Opinions have more than 3 million members sharing their opinions and earning rewards.

Companies love to know what real people like you think!

Whether it’s environmental issues or blockbuster films, fashion trends or favourite foods, your opinion, and those of our 3 million members worldwide, makes a huge difference and can drive real change.

It is super simple to register

You just complete a short registration form, then activate your account. As soon as you are set up you will begin getting offers and then you can share as many opinions as you like!



I hope you have enjoyed my post – Are men better savers than women – and I would juts love to hear youthoughts ont his. Do drop me a comment below.

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