A UK cottage holiday for your family

A UK cottage holiday for your family

When you have a baby and a family, the holiday fund is sometimes the thing that suffers most. How can you afford to risk heading abroad with your family, and outlay hundreds or thousands of pounds on somewhere that you might not even like? Well, you don’t have to.
Many families enjoy a quiet getaway where there are no schedules or time constraints to live by, and what you do is completely controlled by you. For this reason, trips in holiday cottages across the UK are growing in popularity.


We will take a look at three big categories of cottages that you may wish to choose from.

Baby friendly cottages
Once you have a baby in your life, it’s not time to pack away the holiday suitcase – in fact, you can enjoy some of the best holidays at this time. The starting months and years, you are beginning to understand parenting – and it’s great to have those memories in a holiday setting.
Cottage suggestion: Hathaway Cottage, Edale – Set in a tiny rural hamlet in the Peak District, this is ground floor accommodation perfect for a small family. The comfort comes with a mix of brilliant views of the surrounding valley and hills making it a great place for you and your baby to go for some fresh air and a break from modern life!

Toddler friendly cottages
You’ve done the baby bit; you have lots of memories and pictures of him or her in rural surroundings and tucked up in cosy cottages. Now it’s time to grow up a touch and hit the coastal cottages with your toddler. Every child enjoys the beach and the ocean, so it’ll be time for you to dig out the buckets and spades!
Cottage suggestion: Wishing Well Cottage, Penhallow – Down in the south west coast, close to the Cornish coast, this cottage is perfect for short breaks at any time of the year. Penhallow is a lovely hamlet, with rolling countryside and great beaches to be enjoyed year round. This modern conversion is also in striking distance of ice cream and cider farms which are well worth visiting.

Child friendly holidays
One of the most popular searches from couples is finding a child friendly spot to enjoy for a week or a weekend break. The answer can be found in holiday cottages up and down the United Kingdom. Choosing this instead, you can get the quiet and special getaway that your family wants.
Cottage suggestion: Beech Lodge, Masham – Found near Ripon in the Yorkshire Dales, this Scandinavian style lodge is perfect for families and is in a pleasant area. If the weather is nice then there is a veranda overlooking the property. With much to see around and many trails to enjoy this is perfect for a child friendly holiday.


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