A lounge your dog can ‘sit’ on

I love my four-legged little man. Yes, he weighs about 50 kilograms and sends me broke every week with his appetite. Ok, he snores louder than any human and barks at anyone who dares walk past our house, but he’s a giant goofball who makes every day brighter. I also love my new 3 seater lounge, it is big its comfy and most importantly, its dog proof.

A lounge your dog can ‘sit’ on

My old lounges were not dog proof. Freddy (my big clown of a rottweiler) put them through their paces and found them wanting. The trouble with a big clumsy dog is he has big sharp claws and no regard for where they go. I have clipped his nails and put blankets underneath him to no avail. My trusty old leather lounges are no more thanks to Freddy’s destructive powers.

When on the hunt for dog proof lounges its important to weigh up your wants and needs and those of your furry friends. I found out the hard way that a leather lounge might not be the best choice for a big dog owner, but there’s more to it than fabric vs leather. Here are some things I learned while shopping for a lounge for me and my dog.

Its all in the fabric.

Leather lounges look fantastic, and they are highly regarded for their durability. Leather resists stains that would completely ruin some fabrics, and if properly maintained a leather lounge can last decades. The problem for me and Freddy was not in the fabric itself, but Freddy’s destructive power level.

Whilst leather tends to be stronger than other fabrics, a rip or tear can be much harder to repair. A boisterous rottweiler is excellent at testing a fabrics scratch resistance… it turns out my old lounges weren’t up to the task. Some acrylic fabrics may be a better bet for you and your crazed canine.

If your dog is more civilized than mine, leather can be a fantastic choice for dog owners. Leather has one massive advantage over fabric, it is hypoallergenic. This means that people with allergies will suffer less as leather doesn’t harbor or attract dust mites and other nasties. If your dog is more relaxed and careful with their claws, a leather lounge is a perfect choice.

More choice.

The cheerful alternative to leather is fabric. The multitude of fabrics available is dizzying, and its almost certain you can find a fabric that matches your tastes and space. Modern acrylic fabrics are fade resistant and require less maintenance than fabrics of old.

Unlike leather, fabric lounges tend to collect more hair and dust, making them unpopular choices for some pet owners. There are some perhaps unclear advantages to fabric that may make you reconsider. The first one being, a fabric lounge is normally a lot cheaper than a leather one.

Fabric lounges require no specialist cleaner or moisturizer. Yes, they are more prone to stains, but they are far less sensitive to harsh cleaners and soaps. My new 3 seater lounge is upholstered in an attractive blue, and I can clean it thoroughly with nothing more than soapy water.

Hardy acrylic fabrics can withstand incredible amounts of abuse and in some cases are more resistant to scratches. Freddy has yet to case even a scuff on our new lounge… pretty impressive since he completely annihilated premium leather lounges in less than a year!

When looking for a lounge to suit you and your four-legged pal, it’s important to consider your dog’s personality. If they have a calm disposition, a leather lounge will be the best choice. Easy to clean and maintain, with durability that should last you years to come. If your pup is more… enthusiastic, a cheap and cheerful fabric lounge could be a much better choice.


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