A free personalised video message from Santa

Children love to send letters to Santa. More than that though they love to receive a letter from Santa Claus . Well I can let you into a little secret: the very best messages ever come from Santa’s portable north pole and they are videos  rather than letters!

Over at the PNP (portable north pole)  Santa can send his video messages to anyone anywhere and they are a true delight.

At the moment he is sending birthday messages.

He gathers in information from the sender such as gender and age and a photo of the birthday girl or boy (or man or woman.) Then he sends them a little video wishing them a happy day, totally individualised for them. These are great quality and super cute and can go straight to their inbox. How lovely!

Soon however Santa’s fabulous Christmas messaging service will be opening and then the absolute treats begin. If you pop to the website and put in your email address they will let you know when it is launched. Last year you could share the kind of toy your child wanted , what they had done well at during that year and what needed a little more work. You could also share whether they should be on the naughty or nice list. Santa then sends a message to your child  including all this information. They are so shocked!

My hubby got a video message from Santa accusing him of being a couch potato and putting him on Santa’s naughty list. How the kids and I laughed!!!!

Kids watch these absolutely spellbound as they see Santa and hear him use their name, show their photo and talk about what they want for |Christmas. It is amazing this is free, it is such a wonderful tool. We have done this for the last two years and it is a big hit in our house.

Make sure you have a go at this this Christmas  your children will love it and absolutely guaranteed so will you. It changes slightly each year but Santa always looks like Santa really should. This is  far better than queuing to see Santa spending £7, getting a quick chat and getting some tat pressie!  They will watch this video again and again.

Santa’s also has his own portable north pole facebook page these days where he keeps you well updated on what he is up to and preparations for Christmas. It is absolutely delightful , do pop and say hello to him.



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