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Dr. Oetker wants to help everyone become an Even Better Baker!




They have recently teamed up with vlogger and expert baker Emily Leary and TV presenter Stacey Solomon, to create a series of baking tutorials aimed at helping us all become even better at baking. Here they are making fondant fancies

So, as part of this campaign, the lovely people at Dr. Oetker have sent me a recipe, some of their products and challenged me to hack the bake to make it even better.


“Ah, no problem” I thought, until I saw their Rose and Lemon Fondant Fancies  How perfect do these cakes look and how could I hope to improve on this recipe?


These are cakes for ladies that drink tea from china cups. Or refined gentleman in cricket whites on a perfect lawn. These are posh, pretty cakes that look absolutely delicious.


The original recipe calls for marzipan which my kids aren’t keen on so I replaced it with icing and I also chose to make one HUGE heart shaped fondant fancy that looks like the prettiest of birthday cakes rather than lots of little ones.

Baking is all about the taste in my book so if you have to adapt a recipe to get the taste right for you I think you should be brave. I am not much of a cake baker (and found I didn’t own a cake tin) so my lovely Aunty Jane popped in to give me a hand with the cake making (and lend me her cake tins!)



We had so much fun baking together and it was a great chance for a catch up. It was a really straightforward recipe to follow and our adaptations were simple.


My favourite part has to be dipping the rose petals in egg whites and sprinkling them with sugar they just looked so pretty

On goes the icing and the rose petals.


Isn’t it pretty?


I think Annalise’s smile says it all (and the fact I had it for breakfast the next day.) So bad, but oh so good!


I have learnt that good cake really is SO much better than mediocre cake and this recipe makes GOOD cake. I have also learnt not to be afraid to change a recipe a little to get it as you want it.

Thanks Dr. Oetker, I am loving your Even Better Baking campaign.


You can win some lovely Dr. Oetker prizes in the Hack the Bake competition!

Just try this week’s bake and add your own ingredient twist, decoration or tip. Tweet your picture to @droetkerbakes using the #EvenBetterBaking hashtag.

Each week, the best hack for that recipe will be crowned Star Baker, winning themselves a lovely goodie bag. But that’s not all, all 10 Star Bakers throughout the series will go on to shortlist, for a chance to win Dr Oetker’s ULTIMATE Baking hamper worth £500!

To keep up to date with all the latest Even Better Baking news, follow @droetkerbakes on Twitter,DrOetkerBaking on YouTube or like www.facebook.com/DrOetkerBaking




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