7 Restaurant Marketing Mistakes You Should Avoid

Building your own restaurant takes a good amount of your time, effort, and resources, that’s why it is important to know what are the restaurant marketing mistakes you should avoid before you start.

Marketing is one of the main factors to check out when building your restaurant. It is knowing how you will promote and sell your restaurant’s service to the world, and having a good marketing strategy could help you set up a thriving and profitable restaurant.


7 Restaurant Marketing Mistakes You Should Avoid

Here are the most common Restaurant Marketing Mistakes that every restaurateur should avoid today:


Poor Influencer Strategy

We are indeed in the era of Influencers. Customers are drawn to individuals whom they can relate to. With the right use of Social Media, these individuals’ gain huge numbers of followers that are inspired either on what they do or how they do the things they do. They are called Influencers because they have enough presence to influence their followers to do something, and in your case – to try out your restaurant.

17% of marketers spend 50% of their budget over Influencer Marketing, and this budget could go into waste if you don’t use the proper strategy for it. A common trap for Influencer Marketing is being deceived with the number of their followers. It is usual for Influencer to have a large number of followers, but you have to look if those followers are also willing to follow your restaurant’s brand. You have to do your research and check which influencers have a good stand and appeal in your demographic. It is advisable to get influencers who belong in your local community. Once you get in touch with those individuals, build a good working relationship with them and from there you can also ask them if you can see the numbers of their followers that’s on your area. They are also the ones who will most likely post genuine reviews of your place. This will surely help your restaurant to be on the map of their followers.


Substandard Email Management

Email Marketing is still one of the top used marketing schemes to this date. People check their emails about 3-4 times a day, and you should take advantage of that. Here are some tips to check if you want to maximize this tool:



  • Don’t sell too hard. Customers tend to ignore emails that just want something from them, make sure to balance providing helpful information and product offers.
  • Make simple and direct content. It increases the chance of your customers to read your emails through.
  • Be clear on what you want them to do. You don’t want to confuse them on how they would respond to your campaign. Should they follow your social media accounts? Like a post? Share your post? Incite on what you want them to do and take it one step at a time.
  • Don’t buy names. Having a good number of emails is good for your business only if they signed up for it. Paying for a list of emails and using them will just send your content to spam (again, they did not sign up for it), and it could also lead for those accounts to shut your email list or in extreme conditions – shut down your website.
  • Make segments. With a proper tool, you can actually check which opens your link daily, weekly, monthly, and those who never checked your email once. Make sure you do a proper segmentation of your prospects and leads. It escalates the relevance of your email content to those segments leading for it to be checked out often. This means you’re getting the value of what you worked and paid for. Also, targeted marketing makes your Email Marketing much more effective.
  • Send it the right time. Make sure you deliver your content just when your customers need it. If your campaign is about Happy Hour, make sure to send it just before the office hour’s end. Know your market.


Inadequate Positioning

Common mistake usually observed is not checking how you position your brand to your audience. Customers love stories, and they would like to know more about your restaurant. Tell where it came from, explain the process, write why your staff cares more about them, and all other information that could establish a personality or a distinct identity for your restaurant’s brand.

Showing your food is not enough, with proper positioning of your brand, your customers would be able to relate your brand to everything that could remind them of it. If you established your restaurant as cosy and warm, every time they want something warm or to feel cosy, they would always consider your restaurant. Be creative and innovative on how you position your brand. Online food ordering system providers like etakeawaymax provides technology support for the restaurants


Restaurant marketing mistakes – Not conducting Marketing Research

Marketing Research is vital for every business. This is where you’ll know which type of market your restaurant will be serving, how much they are willing to spend, when would there’ll be an influx of foot-traffic, and all answers to the questions you have regarding your business.


Having proper Market Research could also lead you to plan ahead for the changing demands of the market, being able to address such would be a huge relief on your end. It also enables you to know what your competitors are offering thus knowing what you can give your market for your restaurant to stand out.


Failure to capture data

Restaurant Business is a growing industry which could lead you to big competitors, not addressing your target market could cause you to lose people that will support your business on a daily basis. It is crucial to every restaurateur to have a database of their customers in order to conduct campaigns and continuously promote your restaurant to them.

You may provide comment cards for them to answer, link, or QR code – any means for you to get their names and some information from them. You should be able to take anything your customers are willing to give you (name, age, email address, or phone number). From here you can transfer your database to a tool that conducts campaigns.

Tip: Make sure to give them a reason to come back to your restaurant and not just oblige them to do something.


Restaurant Marketing Mistakes

Improper Pricing

Proper pricing could give you an allowance to run promos and provide discounts for your customers. Making an illusion of you giving something away is a go-to life hack for every business. The word 20% off or Free can always lure your customers into your restaurant’s door.

You might also want to skip on trying to always offer the lowest rate there is. Lower prices are not equal to higher volume of customers. You’re just robbing your business of its profits.

Restaurant Marketing Mistakes

Terrible Customer Service

Restaurants are a huge part of the Service Industry and customer experience is everything for a restaurant. No matter how good your food is, the customers always take note of how they are treated.

Make sure that your employees are trained to deliver excellent service and delight to customers.

Marketing is not easy but given the right guidance, you should be able to have a good idea on how it would do well for your restaurant business.


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