How to Get Your Pre-Baby Body Back

Pregnancy is an incredible, beautiful life experience and the time after your baby’s birth is even more so. However, we all know how quickly our thoughts can shift to what our bodies looked like before we were pregnant, and we dream of getting that pre-baby body back.

Have you ever thought about how high-profile celebrities manage to get in shape after they have their baby? Do they hit the gym right after leaving the labour bed? Are they on some magical diet?

Get Your Pre-Baby Body Back

Below, we have compiled a list of simple techniques to get your pre-baby body back. But before that, let’s bust three of the most common myths about weight during and after pregnancy.

Myth 01

Gain a lot of weight for a healthier and bigger baby’

During pregnancy, women need enough nutrition and energy to support the growth and development of their baby. It is important for expectant mothers to not gain too much or lose too much weight during pregnancy. Ideally, it is OK to gain 25–30 pounds for one baby and up to 45 pounds for twins by the end of the third trimester. Remember, this includes the weight of your baby as well.

Myth 02

Eat for two people’

A major part of the food you eat until the seventh month is used for the baby’s growth and development. After that, most of the food you eat is consumed by your body. If someone says that you need to eat for two people, it does not mean that you literally need to eat two portions of each meal. It simply means that you need to calculate the number of calories you are consuming and add up the calories required for the baby’s growth in your regular diet.

Myth 03

Wait – Start losing weight after the baby’s 6-month birthday’

The longer you delay it, the more stubborn your fat becomes. Pregnancies are complicated and differ from mother to mother. You need nutrition and energy to manage post-partum depression and fatigue, and for healing. Some mothers get their health clearance certificate a week after the delivery, whereas some mothers get their certificates after the six-week mandatory check-up.

You will be ready to start mild exercises after receiving your health certificate. Combine your work out plan with a balanced diet to lose the baby weight as soon as possible.

After your delivery, the stretch marks, aching joints, belly and fatigue around your eyes may make you hate your body (which is the biggest motivation in itself to lose weight). However, remember that your body is not flawed, it has just done something miraculous for you. It is simply rebuilding itself and you need to follow a proper plan to help it do this.

The following are a few expert tips to help you shed off that unwanted baby weight.

1.     Exercise

Exercise is a vital part of your post-delivery weight loss journey. The bodies of some new mothers are not ready to work out. If you are one of them, then give your body some time. However, you can still move around the house and go to the park for a slow walk.

  • Once your body is prepared to lose weight, start with slow cardio exercises. Go for a walk, push the stroller, or visit a friend who lives nearby on foot.
  • When the muscle tension starts to reduce and you feel lighter, start mild exercises, such as dancing around the house or jogging. Make sure to work out for only 10 minutes at a time during the first week. You can increase the time gradually, only if your body allows.
  • Once you feel that your exhaustion has been released, it’s time for stomach crunches. We all know that belly fat is the hardest to lose. Tough exercises, such as crunches and push ups can help you shed off the belly flab and get in shape.

2.     Use Safe and Healthy Weight Loss Pills

Weight loss pills that do not interfere with your natural system can help you shed off all those extra pounds without hitting the gym, which you may not have the time to do if you’re a new parent. Your body has already experienced change. Your metabolism needs a boost and your muscles need energy

You might want to find a weight loss pill that burns fat, boosts metabolism and helps you lose weight. You should also look for pills that have clinical studies to back them up, such as the PhenQ weight loss pills which I came across. These use a-Lacys Reset® to achieve the aforementioned weight goals and have been studied and tested. If you’re still unsure about taking such weight loss pills, consider the following guidance:

  • Your body has become vulnerable to environmental germs. Therefore, do not take weight loss pills right after delivery. You can include healthy weight loss pills in your plan after receiving your health certificate from the doctor.
  • If you are taking any prescription medicine or you are breastfeeding, then make sure to ask your doctor before taking weight loss pills.
  • Avoid taking the pills if you have any pre-existing medical condition.
  • Weight loss pills are suitable for mothers with grown-up kids as well.

3.     Breastfeed

Recent medical research supports breastfeeding for many reasons. According to MD Anderson Centre, breastfeeding reduces the risk of cancer by shedding breast tissues and removing cells that may cause damage to DNA. Breastfeeding brings your body into its pre-baby shape. It contracts the uterus as well as boosts your immune system. It also allows you to eat up to 300 extra calories a day, whilst still being able to lose weight.

4.     Eat Right

You need to burn the stored fats along with providing necessary nutrition and energy to your body. Include lean meats, eggs, cheese, healthy oils, fruits and green vegetables in your diet and include whole grains in your main meals and nuts in your snacks.

5.     Sleep Well

Almost all new mothers are sleep-deprived. Slow metabolism, post-partum depression, physical stress, fatigue and various such problems can make you feel low on energy. Getting enough sleep will not only improve your metabolism and health, but it will also prepare you for spending quality time with your new-born. Adequate sleep fixes your metabolism, helps you manage daily fatigue, prepares you for exercises and helps you to lose that baby weight.

6.     Drink Lots of Water

Water heals! It washes away your pain and makes you feel healthier and fuller. Above all, water helps you lose weight by balancing your hormones and regulating your digestive system. It speeds up your metabolism, improves your skin, and makes you feel fuller so you eat less.

7.     Maintain Patience and Stay Positive

Bringing those little monsters into the world is a lot of hard work. Change is the most beautiful creation of Mother Nature and human bodies have been formulated to adapt to these changes. Our bodies change during puberty and our metabolism slows down with age. Ultimately, people change as they grow older.

Various changes have occurred in your body during pregnancy and at the time of delivery. Fat has deposited in unexpected places, bones have shifted and muscles have become stretched. Many people are obsessed with losing weight after delivery, which leaves adverse effect on their muscles, joints and bones.

Keep calm and treat your body gently. Maintain patience and allow your body to settle down. Keep your weight loss journey slow, but gradual.



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