6 affordable Valentine’s Gifts that aren’t boring

Valentine’s Day will soon be here and many men will give their wives or girlfriends the usual gifts of chocolates, flowers and lingerie. Men, however, can be difficult to shop for. Whilst it’s tempting to buy a voucher and let them choose something they will like, why not buy something original for Valentine’s and give them a day they won’t forget? Here, we’ll look at some unusual and exciting gifts for your man.


7″ Lovers Chocolate Pizza


This is the perfect gift for the chocolate lover. The milk chocolate base is topped with white chocolate honeycomb balls, red rainbow drops and milk chocolate curls. You’ll be tucking in together whilst watching a romantic film, nibbling on a delicious pizza. The pizza is also available in a 10″ size. A great gift at only £12.95.


(Available at PrezzyBox)


Personalised Message in a Bottle


This is an unusual gift for your husband or boyfriend. You can include a special message to put inside the bottle, ready to be given away or thrown overboard. It comes in a treasure chest, and every bottle is filled with sand and seashells for an authentic ‘found on the beach’ look. A steal at £19.99.


(Available at PrezzyBox)


Small Gift Assortment – Ravishing Retro


If your loved one misses some of the sweets he enjoyed in his childhood, give him this selection of retro sweets. It contains such favourites as rhubarb and custard, fizzy cola bottles, and mini love hearts. Great for just £12.94.


(Available at AQuarterOf.co.uk)


Party Bus London Nightclub Tour


If your boyfriend is into clubbing, get Valentine’s Day thumping with a tour of some of London’s hottest nightspots. You’ll get VIP fast track entry and will skip the queues. The Party Bus will play some of the latest tunes as you go from venue to venue, and you’ll experience a night you won’t ever forget. A bargain at under £30.


(Available at ViewLondon.com)


Desktop Table Football


This is a fantastic gift for the footy lover. Put it down on a flat surface and spend hours playing table football. It includes 2 balls and is great fun at £15.99.


(Available at Iwantoneofthose.com)


Pocket Fishing Rod


This is a neat gadget if he’s into fishing. This 8 inch long device, which resembles an aluminium pen, opens up into a 4ft fishing rod, making it an ideal companion for camping trips and holidays. Granted, it won’t catch a barracuda, but who cares when something is as cool as this. It comes complete with a left and right-handed reel, line, hook and triple spinner. Only £16.49.


(Available at Iwantoneofthose.com)


Self Stir Mug


This was made for the tea or coffee lover in your life. If stirring a drink has become tiresome, this is the gadget to get. Press a button on the handle and it stirs your hot tea or coffee. It comes with a travel lid if you’re on the move. Great fun at £12.99.


(Available at Iwantoneofthose.com)


Mr Beer Brewing Kit


Why bother buying beer when you can make it instead? This kit has everything you need to get started: brewing ingredients, a 2 gallon beer keg, 8 bottles with lids and labels, and a brewing guide. It takes just 14 days to brew your own beer and there’s nothing more satisfying. The Mr Beer Brewing Kit is ideal for the beer, cider or lager drinker and costs just £61.99.


(Available at iwantoneofthose.com)


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