5 tips to keep warm in the chilly British summertime

keep warm

I know its July but I had to put the heating on this morning!!

Living in Britain really does make for a diverse summer wardrobe doesn’t it! I have warm coats, waterproofs, wellies and flip flops all crowded in our cloakroom,

Its no exactly the sunny summer holidays here in Nottingham .

i have been thinking about keeping warm today. I didn’t want to heat the whole house but as I am often the first one up i do tend to sit and freeze at my desk sometimes whilst everyone else is cosy in their bed. I am always up for 6 a.m blogging away till the kids get up. it’s the only way I fit everything in

There are a few easy ways to keep warm without having to heat your house.

1. Layer vest tops followed by long sleeved cotton tops followed by a jumper. You can wear you whole wardrobe at once this way and the layers will trap in the warmth (and are speedy to peel off if the sun DOES decide to shine)

2. Get a hot drink down you or some soup. Hot liquids definitely do take the chill off.

3. pop on some socks its amazing how toasty feet take off the chill.

4. Have a throw handy just to pop over you these work wonders and can look fab too.

5. Consider an electric radiator such as those from Best Electric Radiators . This form of home heating has come a long way in recent years and can actually offer energy and cost savings over traditional heating. They are so efficient they can help you save up to 50% on your heating bill


Keep warm everyone..the sun is bound to come out very soon (well for 5 minutes anyway!)



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