5 tips on successfully managing a blended family

It is far better to be from a broken home than live in one.

Advice I was given many years ago that has always make me think positively about parental separation when relationships just aren’t working.

Increasing blended families are created, bringing together 2 new families  and a whole new collection of family members. This is not unproblematic  as allegiances and personalises have to merge but there are some important steps that can be taken to ease the path.

Tips on managing a blended family

Here are my top tips

  1.  Do show respect the other side of the family – no name calling and if you want a good moan about them keep it away form the ears of the children involved. No matter how difficult your step child’s biological parent may be these are important ties and criticising that parent will not help your relationship.
  2. Try not to show favouritism to your own children, you may naturally be more attached but children have a great sense of fairness and will feel aggrieved if you do.
  3. Be careful with your approach to discipline and try and present a united agreed response to behaviour
  4. Keep communication lines open with the other parents involved as much as possible. There will be times when you need to share information, there will be emergencies or simply times when you really need to help each other. Putting personal feeling aside for the sake of the children involved is paramount.
  5. Make use of great resources. Co parenting and blended families need investment and energy. rather than just expect them to go write it is well worth spending your time doing some reading around how these can work and and what skills you may need to manage your role.  Over at Active Parenting for example, you can find some really useful resources and courses to help you. You won’t regret the time and energy you give to looking at how to really make this work.


I wish you the very best on your blended family and co-parenting journeys.

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