4 Great Destinations to Visit with a Baby

Having a baby does not mean that you can no longer travel. You can still see the world, but you have to be picky with your destinations. Travelling with a baby can be great as it forces you to leave the mundane routine behind and enjoy exploring new places. Make sure you pick a destination that is baby-friendly, especially in terms of the choices for accommodation. With this, below are some of the places that you might find interesting.


Destinations to Visit with a Baby



There are plenty of places where you can spend a relaxing day with your baby. One of the best is at Atlantis, The Palm, which will make a good choice for water babies. It is a part of a collection of manmade islands, which cements the reputation of Dubai as one of the most luxurious holiday destinations in the world.

Wild Wadi, an Arabian-themed waterpark will also be a good choice for a fun day out with your little one, they can enjoy cooling off in the baby pools. If you are also travelling with older children, a visit to Kidzania will surely keep them entertained. Visit in March to avoid the sweltering heat of the summer months.



Ireland is perfect for baby-friendly holidays. It has a rugged beauty that offers plenty of opportunities for walking and other outdoor pursuits. Instead of staying in a conventional hotel, you may be better off staying in a private villa to have more fun with your baby. There are also beautiful farm stays that can offer a relaxing holiday, the perfect retreat from the daily grind. When it comes to the things to do, feel free to bring your baby almost anywhere.



Almost anywhere in Italy, there is a place where you can go with your baby. Locals in Italy are often affectionate and kind towards children and babies, so you and your family will feel welcomed. Even if your baby is still too young to enjoy the beauty of this country, you will not have a problem getting around.

From Tuscany to Florence to Puglia, you will have a long list of choices for baby-friendly holidays. If you’ve also got older children, do some research in advance to find small tour operators who will make tours fun for youngsters. You do not need to worry thinking about how to keep your baby happy. There are also many hotels with facilities that will cater to babies. They have lawns, terraces, pools, and playgrounds where your little ones can have fun.



Especially if you are flying from the UK, Spain is only a few hours away, which means that you do not have to worry about spending too long on the plane. One of the best destinations is Mallorca, which is great for a beach getaway. Some of the best family-friendly resorts you can check out in the area include Santa Ponsa, Cala Bona, and Cala D’Or.

It is also best to visit either just before or after the peak summer season. It will be much cheaper to visit out of season, and the weather will be pleasant and warm but not excessively hot. If you visit when it is too hot, your baby will just end up being irritable. Like most of Spain, Mallorca also has a relaxed ambiance, making it great place to bond with your child and enjoy the slow pace of life.


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