I bet you remember seeing Trunki suitcases  on dragons den. I know I do. How much fun did they look! I just wished they did  adult size.

 I was absolutely delighted to win two trunki suitacsases for my kids at Cybermummy and how cute are they. The kids love them and spent a lot of time whixzzing each other up and down our hall on them . They liked to pack their own little suitcase too. Trixie (the pink one) and Terence (the blue) were a big feature of our recent holiday and are adored by my kids!


My only trunki complaint came when I unpacked it held a lot of dirty washing!

Trunki is available in child size (2-6 year olds) from £29.99 i It is available at along with some really great  ‘boredom busting’ travel tips. It’s a fab website actually and you get to see the new additions to the range too…..there is even a gorgeous gruffalo suitcase.

As well as the suitcvase there were neck pillows for travelling, little washbags, wrist purses and pencil cases. All waterproof, all tough, resilient and fun. A lovely range of goodies and they seem to be extremely hardwearing. A fun useful item that will last a good number of years.

One to pop on your Christmas list!


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  1. September 12, 2010 / 9:34 pm

    How much fun do these look, will be having a look at that site, once I have read all the emails xx

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