10 Green and Thrifty Ways to Reuse Everyday Items Instead of Throwing Them Away

Today – Ways to Reuse Everyday Items Instead of Throwing Them Away

Disclaimer: I havent tried any of these ideas so can’tendorsee them- this is a guest post!


Ways to Reuse Everyday Items Instead of Throwing Them Away

We might not suspect it, but a lot of the things we use on a daily basis are remarkably polyvalent and could serve you and your family’s needs in many different ways. A little imagination and inventiveness can help you save a lot of money – not to mention that reusing and up cycling are among the best things you can do for the environment! Here are 10 ways to give a second life to everyday objects.

1. Kill Bad Odors With Your Old Newspaper

Place newspaper pages in smelly shoes or wrap it around stinking food in the fridge and it’ll kill the odor! Also good to know: Newspaper are excellent for cleaning windows and mirrors.

2. Don’t Get Rid of a Scratched DVD: Fix it

Before throwing away a scratched DVD, try and fix it with… a banana! Simply cut a banana in half and rub it on the DVD in circular motion. Then rinse the DVD and dry it with a clean rag. Voilà! This trick works on CDs and video games as well.

3. Use Toilet Paper Tubes to Organize Your Extension Cords

Tired of having your extension cords tied up in knots? Organize them with your empty toilet paper tubes. It’ll make you’re life so much easier!

4. Fertilize Your Plants With Coffee Grounds

Don’t throw away your coffee grounds! Instead, sprinkle some lightly in your garden. It’ll act as a natural fertilizer.


Ways to Reuse Everyday Items Instead of Throwing Them Away


5. Replace Sheets of Fabric Softener With a Ball of Aluminum Foil

Never buy sheets of fabric softener anymore. To get rid of static, a ball of aluminum foil will do just fine. The fact that it can be reused dozens of time is a major perk as well.

6. Use an Empty Beer Case as a Condiment Container

Next time you buy a six-pack of beer – you know one of those that has a handle and six little holes for the bottles – do not get rid of it. Keep it and use it to organize condiments: Ketchup, mustard or hot sauce bottles will fit perfectly in it, along with a stack of napkins, utensils and some salt and pepper. Perfect to take the family out on a picnic!

7. Store Your Plastic Bags in an Empty Tissue Box

No matter how carefully you store them, plastic bags always end up invading the space under your sink or in your broom closet. Use an empty tissue box to store them: They’ll remain in place and it’ll be easy to pick one up when you need one.

8. Use an Old Ketchup or Mustard Bottle as a Batter Dispenser

No messier pancake breakfast with the kids: Pour the batter in an old ketchup bottle with a funnel for a mess-free experience.

9. Reuse Your Old Shower Curtain Hooks to Hang Stuff in Your Closet

Instead of throwing away the hooks along with your old shower curtains, use them in your closet. They’ll make perfect, solid hangers for heavy items such as purses, belts or bags.

10. Use Dryer Lint as a Fire Starter

With all the laundry you do in a week, you must accumulate a lot of lint. Here’s something useful to do with it: Store it in a plastic bag and keep it to use as a fire starter. You can even make a waterproof fire starter tool with lint and a few other simple items. Find the instructions here.

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