10 Golden Rules For Bitcoin & Altcoins Trading


The world of Cryptocurrency is a little more complicated than most of us usually consider it to be. Therefore, if you’re new to the market, it’ll be almost impossible for you to grab ahold of the same and strategize purposefully. 

However, there’s no need to worry. We’ve got your back! 

In this article, we will share ten tips that can help you trade Altcoins and Bitcoin efficiently. Hopefully, it’ll all work out in the right way for you. 


Golden Rules For Bitcoin & Altcoins Trading

How To Trade Altcoins And Bitcoin? 

Before we delve deeper into the water, let us share a word of caution. 

As you probably know, the Cryptocurrency market is pretty volatile. Thus, if you want to stay atop the competition, you’ll have to keep yourself updated with the related news. Combine your knowledge with the following tips, and you’ll become a professional in no time. 

Anyway, let’s move on to the primary topic and see what they’re all about. 

Tip – 1: Be Curious And Start Small 

As a trader, your primary focus should always be on minimizing your risk – and you can only do that by starting out small. This way, you can understand the volatility of the market and invest in the future accordingly. 

For example, when entering the segment, you can start by investing 1% of your overall financial asset. The amount should not be more than you can afford to lose. Once you begin trading optimally, you’ll keep on learning about placing your bids in optimal positions. 

Tip – 2: Diversify, Diversify, and Diversity! 

When it comes to trading or investing in the Crypto market, diversification should be your primary motto, the best stock newsletters can help you grow your wealth. This way, even if you end up losing your money from one front, you’ll surely gain more than that back from another.

Due to this very reason, people, who want to earn interest on bitcoin, tend to diversify their investment through different segments.

If your primary focus is on earning interest on your savings, using an efficient trading space, such as AQRU, will be ideal for you. With it, you can earn almost 12% interest on your savings and investments. There’s no need to pay any sort of fee while buying Crypto as well. 

Sounds pretty awesome, right? We bet it is!

Tip – 3: Avoid FOMO

Experiencing a sense of FOMO is pretty common amongst Crypto investors, especially during the upsurging of a currency. It usually occurs because most of us don’t want to miss out on such a profitable opportunity. 

However, in this aspect, you may end up buying coins at a high price and experience a dip in the free-flowing surge. Thus, it’s always better to miss out on something rather than invest in it without thinking twice. 

Tip – 4: Invest In The Segment You Understand 

Yes, both Bitcoin and Altcoin are a part of the Cryptocurrency market. However, they don’t follow the same trading setup at all. For instance, Bitcoin holds around 2/3rd of the market share while Altcoin is still pretty new. 

Thus, before you make an investment, don’t forget to ask yourself if you know about the titular segment or not. If you aren’t aware of anything, don’t be ashamed to pull yourself away from the prospect. 

Tip – 5: Understand That There’s No Win-Win

“Cryptocurrency” and “win” are not synonymous at all, primarily due to the volatility of the former. Even if you are careful enough, the whole situation can turn from zero to hero almost instantaneously. 

Aside from this, the decentralization of the market is susceptible to several factors, such as hacking and government regulations. Hence, it would be better if you didn’t get into debt or invest in something you don’t understand entirely. 

Tip – 6: Do Not Be Emotional 

It’s pretty easy to be emotional when you’re running on a winning streak. You can get caught up in the tornado of excitement and end up investing somewhere you’re not supposed to do.

If you get into the trading chart and find yourself to be uncertain about what to do, it’s best to avoid doing anything. Trading, especially when you aren’t psychologically ready, can affect your strategy-creating persona massively. 

Tip – 7: Stay Away From Scamming 

The world of Cryptocurrency is filled with scams. For instance, you may find someone who’s offering various positive points through their offering. However, when talking about Crypto trading, nothing is white at all. 

Hence, if you find something as such, we’ll ask you to avoid the same as much as possible. Otherwise, you may end up losing your money even before you can invest it in the market. 

Tip – 8: Learn From Your Mistakes 

No matter how careful you are, you’ll make mistakes and lose money while trading Crypto. However, we will ask you not to think about your failure and try to learn from the same. This way, you will be much more careful next time and avoid retaking the same route. 

Tip – 9: Keep An Eye On The Charts, Always 

As an active Crypto trader, you will not be sitting on Bitcoin only. Besides, we’ll expect you to focus on other coins, such as Altcoin, Dogecoin, Ethereum, etc. 

Hence, if you want to succeed in everything, only creating a general strategy for everything isn’t going to help you out. Aside from that, you will have to stay updated with the charts too. 

By doing so, you will be able to understand the ups and downs in the market. Therefore, it will be easier for you to know when to invest and strategize everything accordingly. 

Tip – 10: Stop-Loss Is Important 

A stop-loss, in essence, is the action of pulling out of stock or selling it after it reaches a certain point. But why is it so important? 

Well, when a stock, especially in the Crypto market, has reached a high point, the possibility of it coming down increases massively. Hence, if you can use your stop-loss strategy here, you will be able to cut down on your losses.

In additionit also prevents you from losing all of your trading balance over only a single bad trade. 

Wrapping It All Up!

The Crypto universe is, indeed, pretty complicated. Hence, no matter how efficient you are, being careful and cautious should be your primary goal as an investor. Otherwise, you may end up losing whatever you’ve put into the market. 


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