What is the secret of happiness ?


What is the secret of happiness


What is the secret of happiness?

Could it really be that travel answers the question what is the secret of happiness?

We all know that going on holiday makes us happy.

No matter what type of holiday, just having a break and getting away from it all cheers us all right up, doesn’t it.


Recent research comissioned by  Booking.com, the leader in connecting people with the most incredible places to stay, has revealed that travel gives us such an emotional boost, we consider planning and going away on holiday more vital for our happiness than other big life occasions. A whopping 77% of the people surveyed say they book a holiday just when they’re in need of a happiness boost.

  • Almost half (49%) of people say a holiday brings them more happiness than their wedding day,
  • Over half (51%) prefer travelling over going on a date with their partner
  • Seven out of ten (70%) then have the best time on holiday when they can make themselves at home in their accommodation
  • Over two thirds of us find happiness staying in a hotel, hostel or villa (67%),
  • Another third feel happiest staying in an apartment or home with local residents (33%).

The research, questioned 17,000 people from 17 countries and revealed that for the majority, travel experiences, anything from backpacking, to boutique B&B breaks, family villa holidays, or even exotic and remote retreats, brings more lasting happiness than material things (70%).


What is the secret of happiness


This goes a long way towards explaining why most people (56%) prioritise holidays over possessions such as clothes, jewellery and gadgets while almost half  rank travel over home improvements.

What is the secret of happiness for you?

What about you?

Does travel rate high in importance for you?

The emotional lift that travel brings hits at each stage of the travel process from planning, through booking to actually going on holiday. And apparently it’s the planning stages that give the most immediate boosts in happiness, with nearly three quarters of people saying they get a kick of excitement just from researching where to go on holiday.

We booked a holiday recently and honestly I have felt so much better since. It has really shaken off the winter blues and put a spring into my step.

Over half of those surveyed said they feel happiest when booking their holiday, underlining the importance of instant booking when it comes to securing an ideal stay.

Shawn Achor is  one of the world’s leading experts on happiness and he says

The data from this new Booking.com study highlights how there is a very significant correlation between enjoying the booking experience, and happiness during the actual trip – meaning that one of the best predictors of a happy vacation is to have an enjoyable booking process. Travel planned well and instantly booked with ease can dramatically improve your happiness, no matter what type of stay and trip you seek.

In fact, we are so addicted to planning and booking our trips, that over a third admit to researching holidays months in advance (35%) – with an eager 5% planning over a year in advance.

This is then followed by the anticipation of what’s to come. Between booking and actually travelling, over a third admit to chasing a happiness boost by thinking about their holiday one or more times a day (39%). In preparation, eight out of ten (80%) find happiness in looking at a map and researching places to visit, and over half like planning and shopping for their holiday wardrobe (52%).


David Mau, director of product, Booking.com said:

“With people booking over 1.1 million room nights every day on Booking.com, we know just how important travel and enjoying that perfect stay is to people’s overall happiness. We also understand that exactly what makes each us of really happy when we travel is different, which is why we focus so much energy on helping people find the perfect place to stay and travel experience to suit them, whatever their budget, interests and needs. A rustic treehouse in the Swedish countryside may be your idea of Nirvana, while for someone else it might be a posh apartment in downtown Tokyo.


So there you have it: What is the secret of happiness? Perhaps the secret to happiness is booking your holiday!




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