Week 12 The Jenny Craig Diet Plan : Oops

Oh blimey. So excited about losing 2 stone last week I think I got a bit ‘relaxed.’ I had a Chinese takeaway, some chocolate, a pie and a big cheese roll thing and a muffin. One of these would probably have been okay. I have, sad to say, put on 1lb this week. How pants! Have I been thrown by the school holidays and the kids being home? Yes perhaps a bit. But but I think more than that, I got a bit complacent.

Jenny Craig absolutely completely worked so why cheat? It’s only a momentary satisfaction and now I am disappointed. However. It’s done and today is a new day and this is a new week. I am back closely following the JC principles. Look how far I have come. I need to keep focused now.



I have a new kettlebell and exercise dvd. I will get to my goal.

Watch this space!



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