Vinyl Flooring with Excellent Moisture Protection

We’re in that time of year when rain seems to pour nonstop, following intense heat that lingers throughout the rest of the year.

Even a quick dash from the car to the house can lead to water being tracked in, especially underfoot. As a result, your carpet or floorboards get soaked, compromising their longevity if the water seeps through cracks or weak spots.

Are people swapping out their water-prone, authentic hardwood flooring for luxury vinyl flooring? In most cases, the answer is yes.


Resistant to Moisture

The many advantages of vinyl flooring in homes lie in their ability to provide exceptional protection against moisture and water.

Whether you choose adhesive installation or click-together planks or tiles, you can rest assured that any water that drips off clothes or shoes won’t penetrate the subfloor. Your vinyl flooring will remain in place and, more importantly, stay in ideal condition for many years to come.

The moisture resistance also makes Invictus flooring a perfect choice for bathrooms and kitchens, where temperature fluctuations and food spills are common. You won’t have to worry about tiles becoming unglued in the bathroom or face a daunting cleanup task in the kitchen.


Guaranteed Quality

Recognizing that choosing a floor is a long-term commitment, Invictus offers an impressive warranty of up to 25 years, a testament to the durability of their products.

In the unfortunate event of significant damage to the flooring, the planks and tiles are relatively inexpensive and easy to replace without having to remove large sections of your floor. By simply mopping or sweeping on a weekly basis and using furniture equipped with felt pads to prevent deep scratches, your floor can maintain its pristine appearance throughout its lifespan.


Exquisite Aesthetics

Invictus is a highly regarded brand in luxury vinyl flooring, ensuring that you can enjoy the most authentic look and feel underfoot.

From the widely popular wood designs to the easy installation of stone tiles, you not only get a more cost-effective option but also a product that doesn’t compromise on style.

Nothing feels more inviting than stepping into a home with luxury vinyl flooring after a rainy day. Regardless of how wet your floor gets, the anti-slip safeguards in place will keep you safe from any potential slips.


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