Unusual Christening Gift Ideas

Today – Unusual Christening Gift Ideas

Unusual Christening Gift Ideas


Unusual Christening Gifts – unexpected and fabulous ideas

Are you looking for Unusual Christening Gifts?

Whether you are planning a religious or non-religious christening, the underlying theme is to surround the child with love and celebrate its birth. For religious ceremonies, it is the child’s first initiation into the religious faith. For secular ceremonies there are ranges to choose from including a baby-naming ceremony or welcoming.

Whatever type of christening you celebrate, it is important to give the little one lovely presents that they can cherish for the rest of their life. Gifts are presented to the girl/boy and traditional ideas include pewter, silver or china.

It is common for a silver cross, chain or bible to be given for religious ceremonies. Nice ideas include keepsake boxes, photo albums but why not give an inspirational, unique item to make the present extra special?


4 fantastic unusual christening gifts

·         Guardian Angel

What better way to show the baby that you are watching over them to guide them than to give a stunning guardian angel as a special gift? It can either be as a figurine, ornament or toy or you can find guardian angel bracelets or pin badges.

·         Noah’s Ark

Noah’s Ark was the vessel in which Noah saved himself, his family and two of each animal in the world when God destroyed the world because of mankind’s evil deeds. Noah was instructed to build the ark. After the storm the world was said to have the hope of salvation.


Unusual Christening Gifts

So it could be rather fitting to give some form of Noah’s Ark gift for unusual christening gifts. Maybe a quilt, toy, puzzle or wooden set.


·         Gold jewellery

It is traditional to give silver but why not give your baby a stunning gold bangle or cross and chain as an unconventional offering. They can wear them throughout their early years. They make wonderful keepsakes to remind them later in life of their special christening day.

·Personalisation of unusual christening gift ideas

Alternatively, why not personalise a gift so it is exceptional and a one-off? You can customise various gifts like a christening plate, mug, engraved tankard, cufflinks or a framed name print.

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I hope you’ve enjoyed our Unusual Christening Gift ideas. For some more unusual Christening gifts  why not check out Yellow Day’s Christening Gifts for Girls or my Christening On A Budget



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