UK shoppers are demanding more bargains – but where do the biggest bargain hunters live?

We know from research that UK shoppers are demanding more bargains – but where do the biggest bargain humters live?

A new report has scoured the country and have found that 53% of UK shoppers say they now go out of their way to bag a bargain – rising to 70% of shoppers in Manchester. But ‘yay’ for the midlands – it’s Birmingham shoppers who are the biggest bargain hunters in the country. 35% of Brummies say they won’t buy something unless it’s on offer and 68% admit to showing off to friends when they do scoop a saving. I so do this …do you?

Over a third of shoppers in the Midlands will go back and demand a refund if they find the item they’ve purchased cheaper elsewhere – 64% feel cheated when they find out they’ve paid over the odds for something  Unbelievably 90% of  men in Birmingham than anywhere else would rather save money than watch their favourite sports team win an important match (90%).

                                                                            Photo credit Shlomi Fish

In contrast, Londoners are hardly tightening their belts at all in the current period of austerity according to the research by 27% of shoppers from the Capital say they still splash out on whatever they like!

Women in Liverpool top the table for preferring to lose weight rather than save pounds (62%).

1 in 5 UK shoppers feel ecstatic when they get a bargain and 51% feel great whether they save £1 or £100. Hey,  I love even 10p off.

Psychologist Christine Webber explained:“The most interesting aspect of the research for me is the fact that people feel so euphoric at saving money – irrespective of how much cash is involved.

“I believe this is because of the difficult financial times we live in. We have little or no control over the stock markets, our pensions or how much longer we’re all going to have to work. So, hunting down a bargain feels like a real triumph and helps us feel that we have at least some control over our money. There is a real satisfaction to be had from knowing that we have done a deal and have not had to part with the full asking price for something that we want.”

Tim Moss, Financial Expert says: “In these financially challenging times, it is unsurprising that the thrifty culture Britain is adopting is increasingly shaping our shopping habits.

“Consumers are now accustomed to getting money off purchases, which is leaving more people with the natural ‘high’ of securing a bargain.”

Hope you grab a bargain and feel good today x


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