Weekend Box Club Review with promo code for £5 box!

Today – The Weekend Box Club Review

This weekend past we had the absolute pleasure of trialling The Weekend Box club.


Weekend Box Club Review

The weekend box is actually a thick padded envelope that fits through your letterbox (handy)  and comes packed with green, fun, eductaional activities  usally something to make, cook, read ot write and something green.

Boxes are delivered fortnightly and cost either £10 or £7 each depending on the plan you subscribe too.


 Weekend Box Club Review


From  our review box we made chickpea burgers, egg box plant pots, a mask peg people, we planted coriander seed and made a funny faces book , we also inflated our own compost.


The Weekend Box Club Review


The box had everything from the glue for  the dolls hair to stickers to say we had completed each activity.

The kids LOVED these out of the ordinary activities and it made our Sunday very special.


The Weekend Box Club Review

Items in the box are  100% Recyclable/Reusable which is really impressive and I ove that these activities are all healthy and green not a bit of plastic in sight.

Who is the weekend box club for

I think for a parent who has little storage or someone who only has children occasionally to visit and doesn’t want to buy in a lot of stuff, these would be  absolute treasures and really useful due to the small quantities you receive and the fact you will probably use up everything.

I think as a gift these would be a delight.

For people like me who have lots of craft and gardening stuff in anyway they are still a lovely luxury (you don’t need to think or be creative- it is all done for you.)

We are very impressed with the weekend box club. Quality activities.

I have a promo code that will get you the box for just £5  simply pop in where prompted  WBBECKY

Follow them on twitter @weekendboxclub


I hope you have found my The Weekend Box Club Review to be useful you can find the rest of my reviews here 



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