The Most Meaningful gifts

Some gifts are just fabulous, expensive, much wanted and yet a few years down the line, or months or days they are old hat. The appeal of that new PlayStation game has worn off, the Cashmere sweater has shrunk in the wash and that new bike gets outgrown.

Some presents, however, are meaningful and long lasting, they don’t need to necessarily be expensive but heartfelt and well thought out.

Most Meaningful gifts

I love the idea of giving a tree that can grow throughout the years as someone ages. Perhaps a bonsai or apple tree. Now wouldn’t that be special?

I also like the idea of giving a watch, a classic watch like a simple gold watch that will be used again and again on special occasions.

And what about crystals? Oh, I love crystals and they convey so much meaning,

I have a jar filled with rose quartz my husband gave me one Christmas time. I have loved this jar of pink crystals for years now and I love the colour and the meaning of these crystals. I can see me keeping that little jar forever and forever. Rose quartz is the crystal of love and communication and the perfect gift from a life partner.

If you are looking to celebrate an individual with a meaningful gift then Crystals and Jewelry that contian their birthstones are a really lovely idea. Sapphire is the September birthstone and they represent sincerity, nobility, and loyalty. What a complimnet to receive a sapphire! They are responsible for focusing the mind, maintaining self-discipline, and directing higher powers. We could alll do with a bit of that! Yes including a birthstone in a gift is rather a lovely birthday ppresent ideas isnt it.

So meaningful presents do not have to cost a fortune but they can really be priceless.




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