The Most Amazing Holidays on a Budget

When I look back on my life it seems I have only ever had cheap holidays. But you know they are magically memorable.

I remember as a child some years going to Yarmouth  for a few days (because the racing was on and my dad was a bookie) and I adored it.  I remember the donkeys, the sea air, staying in a cosy  little flat, chips, rock and running in the waves.

I recall a fabulous caravan holiday with my whole family to Skegness and grandad going to the toilet in the night and getting lost coming back. We were so relieved to see him!

I remember going on school camp as a helper and laughing like I never laughed before and being so dirty and  so happy and so tired!

As a teenager I went to Estartit in Spain for 2 weeks on a budget break with my close friends Jo, Mel and Helen. What a mad, crazy lovely holiday that was …so many boys and beers and sunburn! We bought t-shirts saying ‘I’m as pissed as a parrot in Estartit’ and  I think we all fell in love – with each other. We have been firm friends ever since. The night we came home we had a sleepover we couldn’t bear to be apart.

In my 20’s I went to Israel a few time sleeping in hostels and on flat rooves and staying in a kibbutz. Amazing days of sunshine and strangeness, faitha nd friction and wide desert lands.

Then later I went with my dear friend Naomi on cheap holidays to Majorca – Thomson holidays which were in lovely resorts  with great pools and lovely bars and restraunts nearby. We had such fun. In our teens we had had youth hosteling adventures so this was a big step up for me and Na  We too remain the best of friends.

So my holidays have all been pretty low budget and I have had to save hard for all of them  But you know what they have been amazing and as a  4o year old woman I may not have seen the world but I have made fine friends and I have fine memories.

My kids have holidayed on a budget too they haven’t been abroad, they have been caravanning at Haven, camping, staying with friends by the sea and this year we went back to Skegness at Butlins. They have loved every second of their budget holidays.

Who needs buckets of money when a bucket and spade will do.




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