The July Business Mums Blog carnival

The July Business Mums Blog Carnival

Hello everyone, how are you doing?

As a  business mum myself I don’t find the summer holidays easy. How about you?  It is 6 am as I am putting this together and actually that is pretty normal working hour for m at the moment. The kids are off school , I work form home don’t/want and can’t afford child care so I do my work around the children. At 5 and 8 they don’t nap but during ‘screen time’ I work, before they get up and after they have gone to bed. It’s not easy but I love that I get time with them. I’m tired but happy! I ‘ll kick start this carnival by sharing My top ten tips for business mums in the school holidays  

Hope you’re doing okay! Let’s see what’s going on in the business world’s of you mums this month…..

Business Mum Ponderings

Over at Birthworks, Jane is pondering new baby new job? A situation I can well relate to – many of us need to change careers and want to when our babies are born,

Alison Bradford writes about being judged something I bet almost everyone of us have experienced through our business mum journey

 Helen from Kiddycharts is celebrating her Twitterversary with a look at some unusual places to tweet with 18 shades of tweeting it will make you laugh and for any twitter addicts I bet you have done some of these!!!

Over at Occasional Assistants in this frank post Becky shares how she has to battle her inner demons to find a working life to suit her  

Business Mum Tips

Grace Marshall shares how you can find pleasure inwashing up??? in Just five minutes

Georgina from Micro Business Hub shares why it is good to guest blog

Over at Become a Mumpreneur Erica shares her tops for turning a hobby into a business

Kizzy from Ace Inspires writes about why reading 50 shades of grey isn’t a waste of time for business owners  and form the Mumpreneur shop blog Kizzy also shares 5 tips for mums starting a business

Naomi Johnson shares some top social media marketing ideas for lifestyle businesses  on her social media blog

Tobi  Awoyemi shares some great SEO tips in Online Marketing – do it yourself  in her blog which is all about helping women grow their business

Sometimes business’s can get it VERY wrong in their use of marketing check out her post Breast feeding twitter  storm!

Antonia is sharing her guide to Direct Selling over at Family Friendly working

How I make money online blog is talking about the importance of Building your profile as an expert

Helen Lindop at Business Plus Baby founder of this fab blog carnival writes a very useful post about  making quick money vs. Long term Business which is right? It has some good tips

International Inspiration ( so glad you joined us ladies !! )

Stacey from San Diego bargain Mama has joined us form the US to share her post Mommy Blogger- does one title fit all. As a commercial mummy blogger I would say NO! But have a read. Stacey makes some interesting points . I know some people take issue with the words business mum too. Names and role names are interesting! Another US mom  Cassie from A Woman’s way to wealth writes about how having children made her change careers and then some!

Mother Load is a blog by an Australian  SAHM trying to find her direction and it is a wonderful blog about discovering her purpose. The beginning perhaps of her business journey?  A little piece of me is something I think we will all relate to.

Thank you for sharing

A totally fabulous blog carnival. Do share a bit of love and have a read of at least one or two they will totally inspire you!



  1. July 30, 2012 / 12:27 pm

    Thank you for putting this together Becky! I’ll take a look later when my own kids are in bed 🙂

  2. Becky
    August 3, 2012 / 11:48 pm

    I see! Thanks Cassie

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