Sunday Inspiration: Baroness Tanni Grey Thompson

Some people are passionate and successful whatever they do. I am so impressed by Tanni Grey ThompsonTanni is Great Britain’s best-known and most celebrated Paralympic athlete. She is amazing. She has won  16 Paralympic medals including 11 golds, six gold medals in the London Marathon and her comprehensive set of British and World Records having performed at world-class level, in distances ranging from 100m to the marathon.

She has been successfully politically active since she retired, lobbying for more provision and a higher profile for people with disabilities in sport amongst many other projects. She is a director of UK athletics, a Baroness (a life peer) she has in OBE and an MBE she is a trustee of many charities In July 2011 Tanni was announced as the President of the Leadership 20:20 Commission, the Commission on the future leadership of Civil Society.

She is a very impressive, powerful and influential woman.  Will she be our second lady prime minister? I would not be at all surprised.



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