Beautiful and Stylish Ideas for Father’s Day

Let’s look at some Stylish Ideas for Father’s Day

I am not normally a fan of personalised gifts for dad on Father’s Day as I think they can sometimes look a little twee. I have however had my mind completely changed by this by the very gorgeous Maria Allen Boutique.

I am so excited to show you their range of Fathers Day gift ideas and the items we chose to review for the children’s daddy.


Stylish Ideas for Father’s Day

Maria Allen Boutiques sell stylish personalised gifts, jewellery and accessories. All the items are handmade by their team using responsibly sourced materials including wood, gold, silver, glass, and bamboo. They are beautiful. They do personalised items for all sorts of occasions and event but here are my pick of their Father’s day gifts

Stylish Ideas for Father's Day

Just love this Daddy Adventure notebook, isn’t it gorgeous!

I am also hugely in love with this minimalist watch made from wood. Isn’t it cool?

So classy – and so fitting for Father’s Day.

I also really like the coaster idea where your child’s drawing is etched on to a wooden coaster. Isn’t that darling? Such a unique gift. Grandparents would adore this too, wouldn’t they?

So what did we pick? Well the kids and I thought about what their daddy loves and coffee and his guitar won the day. So, on Father’s Day, he will receive a personalised plectrum and a coffee travel mug declaring him the greatest guitar player in all the world cup.

I think he is going to absolutely love these stylish, practical and highly personal gifts.

Such lovely gifts. I know he will both love and use them and the quality is gorgeous.







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