St. George’s Day Ideas for Thrifty Families

St. George’s Day Ideas

St. Georges Day goes largely unnoticed by so many people, which I think is a real shame.  Not only is it a day where parents can teach their children a little about their country’s history but it’s also built around a story containing heroic knights and dragons!  If that’s not a perfect compromise between the grown-ups and the kids, I don’t know what is.  St. George’s Day is on a Sunday this year, so I’m looking forward to having a little fun, English style.  Here are some of my ideas so far!

  • Knights and Dragons

 St. George’s Day Ideas for Thrifty Families


If it’s a nice enough day, get a few families together and head to the park.  Some classic games can be restructured a bit to fit the theme of knights and dragons, and a bit of face paint will do the rest of the work.  You can try capture the flag with a knights and dragons theme or hide and seek, where the knights have to hunt down the vicious dragons!


  • Visit a Local Museum

Many local museums will be having special events or discounted pricing on St. George’s Day, so there’s no better time to take a peek.  Many children think museums are boring just because everyone says they are but have never actually been to one except maybe on a school trip.  Take this opportunity to expose your family to the magic and fun of museums!


  • Have a Dragon BBQ


If you don’t feel like leaving home, why not head outside all the same and fire up the grill?  Tell stories of St. George and all his heroic acts, and then tell the kids that you’ve procured some dragon meat you are going to cook.  We are veggie so in our case we would cook lots of lovely veggies and quorn burgers and cover them in some spicy BBQ sauce and dare them to take a taste!  If you live in the city and a BBQ isn’t an option, you can always order a delivery or takeaway from your local sorcerer and have some roast dragon sent right to your door!



  • Have a Scavenger Hunt

Tell the kids that they need to follow the clues to discover a secret and find the dragon!  Each clue should lead them to search for a fact about English history or to learn a little about English culture.  Choose your favourite English bands, films and traditions to make a part of the hunt!  When they finally complete the hunt, reveal the “secret” (the story of St. George and the dragon) and give them a few dragon themed sweets like these adorable dragon cupcakes!



  • DIY Helmets and Princess Caps



A bit of construction paper, cardboard, and aluminium foil is all you need to get crafty and make some festive caps for the little ones.  While you work, play some English tunes and tell stories about the history of this country.  After they’ve finished with their new headwear, you can give them some Toys R Us foam swords and tell them to go slay a dragon!








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