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Giving back

A lot of you may know I was really lucky and had the opportunity to review and experience corrective eye surgery through replacement lens procedure with Optical Express very recently. Basically they put a new lens in my eye and gave me perfect eyesight. It’s an amazing experience. You can read about it here

We are big believers in our family in giving back the good blessings we are given.

Sight Savers

The eye procedure I had done was very similar to a cataract operation. For me it has meant freedom from glasses, for many it means freedom from blindness!

18-month-old Benedicta Afia Dadebia had successful cataract surgery at a Sightsavers supported hospital in Ghana

Cataract is the world’s leading cause of blindness with around 18 million people blind as a result.In the developed world, cataract is a problem faced by the elderly but in poorer countries the condition is also common in children.Straightforward surgery can give sight to a child blinded by cataract, giving them a much brighter future. It costs just £50.

We have made a donation as our way of saying a big thank you. If you would like to support sightsavers they do wonderful work and every penny helps.




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