Review: My Dog Skip

I sobbed buckets. It was the most emotional rollercoaster watching this film and it really made me cry.

I wish I hadn’t watched it with my daughter because she is only 5 and she was heartbroken twice when the dog got hit and once when he nearly died !

This makes the film sound a real tear jerker (it was actually) but it was also sweet, tender, sensitive and uplifting. It has it all; war heroes and deserters, lonely children being bullied and later making friends. It has young love, the love of a loyal dog and really it’s a tale of growing up.

Apparently it’s based in a real life story of a man who as a boy had a best friend as his dog. Sounds dull? It is anything but. Put my heart through the wringer.

My Dog Skip (2000) [DVD]

I don’t think ity should be a U I have to say even my 7 year old son was upset when the dog got hurt. Perhaps for over 10’s?

This is distributed by Warner Bros. A top film if you fancy a weep. Quite touching too!

I reviewed this DVD as part of the Tots 100 film club

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  1. Crystal Jigsaw
    June 20, 2012 / 10:40 am

    It does sound like a lovely film but I won’t be letting Amy watch it. She’s a total dog lover and I think this might be a bit too upsetting for her – she’s incredibly sensitive!

    CJ x

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