Review Halloween Yankee Candles

Halloween Yankee Candles

I know we have a little way to go but my kids get uber excited about Halloween. We were delighted to be offered the chance to review some special Halloween candles from Yankee candle

We chose Candy Corn *(£16.99 ) which smells just delicious and makes you think of Halloween treats, warm syrup and sugar. It gives a lovely orange glow and the light will last 60-90 hours ….wow. It has a convenient little lid so it can be popped away till next year.

The other candle we were sent to review was Witches Brew it is quite a different scent,  the spicy sweet aroma of exotic patchouli. The kids were not so keen on this one but we adults liked it. One for after they have gone to bed I think.  (£16.99)

Yankee candles are so well loved and such a great quality brand I think it is great that they have these seasonal candles to add to the range.

I couldn’t resist having a little browse and I just spied this one on their site for the first time and it looks yummy (I do like food smells) definitely one for the Christmas list !

Do you like themed candles?


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  1. Mike@theoutdoorsdad
    September 12, 2013 / 2:24 am

    I love to have some candles burning in the living room or the bedroom at night time but had never thought of seasonal ones the kids could enjoy as well. Nice idea

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