Review: Gorgeous new stationery ranges from Hallmark

I have a deep love of nice stationery and note books.

When I was a child my parents had very little spare money and I would see the other girls at school with their lovely folders and stickers, pencil cases, writing books and  and journals and feel so envious. It was never about their clothes or their driving lessons or hair do’s it was always stationary envy that got me.

Hallmark have some new stationery out just in time for National Stationery Week (22-28th April) There are seven different designs in their new new ranges and how lucky was I, I got to pick two of the designs to review.


Can you imagine how delighted I was when my stationery goodies arrived! I felt like a kid in a sweetie shop.
I chose the Lucy Cromwell collection which is just so pretty! We had cake tins , a recipe journal, passport holder. note journal and a sweet cup and photo album. Absolutely lovely for me and gorgeous gift ideas, The range co-ordinates rather than matches exactly and I really like that.
It is based on the Lucy Cromwell card collection  and it is full of butterflies and sweet gentle images. Just gorgeous. The cake tins are my favourite…or maybe the cupcake cases…oh and I do really like the recipe journal……
The next set I chose to review was Tea and Roses; this range is full of lively colours and classic designs and it’s vintage and floral and rather lovely!  In this range I was sent large journal and a ‘keep calm note it down’ notebook. I love them both. In my dreams they will make me more organised and a better letter writer.
They all seem to be excellent robust quality items in really gorgeous designs.
The other designs int he new series include 60’s mix, and heritage press (great for Fathers day gift ideas)

I love these new stationery sets from Hallmark they are good value and unusual and  I think lovely to have a collection of items from one designer.

Thank you Hallmark …you made my day





  1. Actually Mummy...
    April 19, 2013 / 8:54 pm

    I’d be a moustaches girl I think GG thinks it’s very cool to have moustaches – I hate to tell her she’ll change her mind in a few years 😉
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