Red Hot World Buffet Review

I was provided with some cash to go along and review the Red Hot World Buffet in Nottingham  I have to say I prefer to restaurant review this way because if you go with special vouchers or a booked place by the PR they know you are going to be reviewing them and everyone gets very attentive. A review feels much more genuine if you just show up and pay for your meal.


Well we ventured into the city one lunch time just me and and J no kids in sight! Neither of us had long for lunch so we were hoping service wasn’t slow.We need not have worried this is a super speedy way to eat if you need it to be. Drinks orders  were taken immediately then you are simply  given a plate and told to help yourself to as a much as you want as many times as you want. How nice. No waiting around at all.

They wouldn’t let us photograph the actual buffet which is a shame because it looked gorgeous!

Their was a huge pile of freshly cooked Mexican food, Italian food, Indian, Chinese and American foods, There were lovly salads too really beautifully set out. I filled my plate 3 times and each time I had finished one plate it was whisked away and reoplacef with a new one ready for me to fill up again. J really enjoyed it too and it was lovely to eat completely different meals from each other whilst still being in the same restaurant.

red hot world buffet

J had Asian food and said it was delicious and I had Mexican and Italian. It was all piping hot and tasty the salads were crisp and fresh.

Their pudding s were fabulous too ranging from brownies to all sorts of flavoured icecreams and more exotic offerings too.

We had such a lovely time and we were only there an hour.

The value was unbelievable. It cost just £6.95 each  for our buffet lunch (excl.) drinks. How amazing. Children would have cost 1/2. An evening meal would have cost  £10.95  and £12.05 at the weekend

For a full list of foods available on the buffet take a look here

We had a lovely, quick, filling, tasty lunch and had a huge choice of delicious food from around the world. We will certainly go back.



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