National Geographic Kids Weird But True! 2018 Annual ( plus a 50% off code for the website )

National Geographic Kids Weird But True

Oh, the excitement in my house because we have been sent a copy of National Geographic Kids Weird But True! 2018 Annual to review.

National Geographic Kids Weird But True

My kids have been receiving the National Geographic Kids magazine for a few years now and they really love it. It is entertaining and interesting and full of brilliant facts about animals and the world.

This wonderful annual has all those elements too and is a bumper treat. It ‘pairs the planet’s quirkiest, wackiest facts with the coolest and strangest true stories’ and it covers a diverse and hugely fascinating wealth of subjects.

Kids will love to read about what fuels their sporting heroes.

And the facts about space will blow their mind.

I personally loved the speed about beavers and was delighted to hear they are back in the UK  – how we would all love to see them!

My son was blown away by Otzi the iceman –  how amazing that he and his tattoos survived so long and that living relatives can be traced. I’m not sure I would want to be preserved by ice though, would you?

We’ve also been reading about bog snorkelling and apparently, it’s a yearly event in that sounds messy but fun!

This book is a real dip in and be astounded, treat of a read. We found ourselves enchanted by the articles and desperate to share what we had read with just about anyone who would listen.

It is a wonderful way to help pique a child’s interest in the wider world.  It gets a very big thumbs up from us!


50% Discount Code for the National Geographic Kids website

If you love all things National Geographic then do also take peek at their rather beautiful brand-new National Geographic Kids website

To celebrate their launch they have offered you, my lovely followers, 50% off their range of titles to use over Christmas. The code to use is: 50OFF. This discount will run through Christmas and New Year everyone, so do use it!

There is a lovely range of books. There are puzzle books, photography books, illusion books, joke books and a whole host of others. Do pop over and have a peek!


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