My Give As You Live Gift Guide

If like me the materialism of Christmas can make you a tad uncomfortable you need to head over to Give as you Live.

Give as You Live, is a socially responsible way to shop. Over at the website you will find over 4,000 retailers  and exclusive deals for registered users. Give as you Live is a simple and giving way to shop.

Each and every time you shop through Give as You Live, 2.5% of every purchase goes to charity  you can choose the charity, or Give as you Live will donate it to their charity of the month. On average 2.5% of every purchase goes to charity. After each purchase you will receive an email the following day letting you know how much you have donated. Isn’t that brilliant!

So I have been having a good look around the retailers engaged with give as you live and have drawn up a little Christmas gift guide.

Would you like to see my picks?  I think I have found some fabulous bargains and some top toys

My Give As You Live Gift Guide

Interactive robot  £59.99



This robot comes with 67 pre-programmed functions. he can pick up, throw, dance or even belch and fart to annoy the grown ups! His movement is very realistic and he also responds to touch or sound. How cool does he sound! ( think I would like one myself!)

Or how about the Lego City Advent calender  £20

lego city

Such a lovely way to count down to Christmas


Porcelain Paint Pens £5.99


These fab pens can also be used on glass, plastic and metal. Designs can be heat-fixed by baking in an oven.

Cute aqua beanie hat £5


Aqua Cable Knit Scarf with Pockets £5

scarf pockets

Animals of the World Puzzle  £7.49

animals puzzle

A fabulous fun and educational jigsaw puzzle with 60 giant pieces


So how do you like my gift lift? Isn’t it a warm feeling to think that anything bought from it gives 2.5% to charity too.

Remember Give as you Live…you will be shopping anyway this Christmas,by going through their site to do so you can makes all the difference at no extra cost to you




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