Making that Nursery/First Room More Affordable

Title: Making that Nursery/First Room More Affordable


Yikes! The costs of raising lovely little people soon mount up don’t they? Before they’re even out of the womb we’re investing in their futures with special “Mozart for Baby” CD’s to develop their brains and food supplements for mummies to ensure that the developing baby isn’t missing out on any important vitamins and nutrients.

One of the biggest costs early on is of course the nursery or first bedroom. There’s so much to kit it out with, from baby monitors and nappy changing stations to cots, beds and bunting! It’s easy to get carried away with the spending, or conversely to be slightly brought down by the expense of it all. The good news is that it’s actually quite easy to take a grip on all this and manage the financial side without the stress….

Finance Plans

One of the best things you can do is to take advantage of the wide array of finance plans out there now for big items such as furniture. Bed finance from online stores is a great option and means that you don’t have to make compromises for your little ones because you can simply spread the cost over months or even years.

The Pre-loved Option

There are certain relatively intimate sorts of items that it’s unthinkable to buy second-hand but others that it makes good sense to. Items such as bookshelves and toy chests needn’t be bought new anymore than prams and pushchairs, the prices of both of which can be absolutely eye-watering; there are plenty in excellent condition on sites like eBay for a fraction of the price they are in the shops. If you don’t mind giving them a good thorough clean before you use them then it’s really not a problem.

A lot of families will buy items new, barely use them and then chuck them out. There’s even an attitude amongst certain sorts of yummy mummies that’s a bit like the one that sometimes goes with clothes and handbags- they have to be new, they have to be in vogue, and then when they’re barely worn they’re replaced. Well of course there’s a more sensible way…!

Quick and Stress-free DIY

Of course immersing oneself in technical DIY with babies or toddlers around is not ideal. However there are some really easy decorating tips that don’t cause upheaval and save a lot of money. You can use inexpensive material or offcuts to makes children’s beds more interesting by draping them from above for a four-poster prince or princess effect, or by just covering a headboard for a patterned spruce-up.

So too with paint: you needn’t shell out loads on paint, which can be pricey, but can use a small amount to do a nice bright feature wall or the alcoves of a cube storage unit, or even just to create a lively, dynamic border that runs round a room and gives it a bit of character.



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