Magpie Monday: Entertaining the KIds

When the sun is shining like it was yesterday I love to lay out on a garden chair with a good book for an hour or two.

I’ve been a  mum for a while now though and I know that if I want any peace I need to sort the children out first.

So I had a cunning plan.

Early yesterday morning I whisked them off to our local car boot sale to see what treasure could be found.

Here is Frankie’s rather fabulous stash

The annuals were 50p.

Dennis cost £1 (brand new with tags)

1o0 Match Attax card for this season cost £2.

Total cost £4.50  ( hours of fun!)


Annalise’s haul was just as wonderful and even cheaper.


Sticky bat and ball cost 20p

Paperbacks 10p each

Little puppies (donation to RSPCA £2)

Inflatable ball £1

Total £3.60

So for £8.10 my kids have hours and hours of lovely books to read and fun games to play (perfect toys  for the beach too!)  I got to sit in the sun (for a bit!)

Car boot sales really are a great way to treat your kids without busting your budget.

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