Jenny Craig Week 20 and 21: A Big Thank You to Millie !

I lost  pound last week and a pound this week have 4 lbs to go and I will have lost 3 stone. Fabulous. Jenny Craig you have done me proud so far, I am truly delighted by this weight loss it is slowly steady and seems to be staying off.

As I have said throughout, the weekly consultancy from Jenny Craig has been superb. I have had the same consultant Millie throughout my journey so far.

I could get all tearful here and talk about how heartbroken I am that my lovely consultant is no longer my consultant. We said goodbye last week as she has a new role. But I won’t get all emotional because  what Millie has taught me most is to be positive and focussed. So instead of being negative I would like to say a huge thank you to Millie for being an awesome consultant and a huge support for me.

She has listened, guided, advised , cheered , motivated, informed, enlightened and empathised. She has held my hand and pulled me back to my feet. I am so grateful. I was ill and unhappy and my weight was just increasing. I feel me again and I am a better role model to my kids for sure.

I have told Millie about my habits,  my stresses, my losses and I have been able to be totally honest with her about my eating. She has genuinely cared and invested her energy and her heart into my development. As mentors go in my life she really has been one of the best,

Thank you Millie form the very bottom of my heart for helping me back to good health, greater confidence and a happier me.  Through you my kids have a better chance of being healthy too. So from my whole family…thank you and good luck to you. You are star!


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